Navigating Multi-Lane Roundabouts
Remembering four things can help you better navigate multi-lane roundabouts.
  • Frisco is Primed for #HQ2

    "Hey, Alexa - where should build #HQ2?" Frisco, Texas is primed for your business! #SeeYourselfinFrisco

  • FY18 Proposed Budget

    A proposed drop in Frisco’s property tax rate would mean tax relief for homeowners in the FY18 budget. Learn more at

  • Exemplifying Progress in Motion

    Frisco, Texas… Exemplifying Progress in Motion.

  • Living with Urban Wildlife

    Some simple steps can better protect you and your pets from coyotes and bobcats in Frisco.

  • 2016 Year in Review

    What do Cowboys, video games, juice, and a children’s hospital have in common? They were just a few of the things making news in Frisco in 2016. Watch our 2016 Year in Review to find out more.

  • City of Frisco Proposed 2017 Budget Briefly

    Everything you need to know about the 2017 Proposed Budget in two minutes.

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